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SVPB-M Scale
SVPB-M Scale
SVPB-M ScaleSVPB-M ScaleSVPB-M ScaleSVPB-M ScaleSVPB-M Scale

SVPB-M Scale

Weigh Bridge - Weighs Modular Trucks

The SVPB-M is the model of the weighing bridge weighs trucks, for weighing road vehicles for the transport of goods. It is a weigh bridge of modular construction, designed for weighing up to 60 tons, capable of withstanding the highest efforts resulting from the execution of the most demanding weighings, with improved resistance to fatigue.

The SVPB-M is built with standardized metallic modules with a width of 1.5 meters, allowing the configuration of platforms up to 18 meters long and 3 meters wide, with two modules placed side by side, occupying the entire width of the the use of directional grids, thus allowing perfectly safe movement of vehicles.


. Mixed scale, consisting of a metallic structure

.Modular scale produced in stainless steel or alloy steel

.Installation on the ground with concrete or metallic ramp, or built-in

.Reinforced cell coupling and load concentration areas

.Screw-on top for better access to the cells without having to lift the scale

.Support loads greater than the model's rated range and resistance to fatigue

.Standard or customized versions

.Painted or galvanized finish

.Option to install safety side guides on all models on the ground

.Versions compatible with our entire range of displays

.Easy cleaning and maintenance

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